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User points for activities and Chinese New Year holiday

China is about to usher in the New Year holiday, pruany all happy New Year to the customer!

In order to thank all customers continued support, we will open new user activity.Customers can use their own user get 0% service charge orders!The more users, get the 0% service charge orders!

Chinese New Year holiday: 2017/01/25 - 2017/02/03 This time we are unable to send the parcel.But can buy goods.Please pay attention to your orders!

To participate in conditions (very important): User has at least 20000 points .

Discount activity:   user to payment order, send email (, order name, user ID, need to order of 0% service charge.our staff will minus 20000 points, and then change the one order of 0% service 20000 points = 1 order 0% service charge!

Activity time(china time):  2017/01/06 - 2017/03/31 (China time 2017/04/01 0:00 we will close this activity)

Who take part:  Pruany website registered customers

limit:   Each order 50 maximum allowable item


Q:I had 20000 users points, when I pay the order, why did you get a 0% service charge?

A:You need to send mail, show your order number and ID, we will modify your user integral order and service charge.

Q:In before the start of the campaign, I already make order D19999, I can ask to change the order D19999 of 0% service charge?

A:I  m very sorry, always be modified. The Activities after the start of the payment orders can take part in the Activities.In addition, our activities for 3 months, you can be in the next time when ordering requirement changes.

Q:I had 100000 users points, the activity began, I paid for the five orders, order for 20000 points = 1 order  0% service charge, I can ask the five orders, 0% service charge?

A:Can.but please note that each order to order products quantity is 50 largest effective links!Do not include a refund link!

Q:Order I already receive a 0% service charge, I joined the new product, but the new products doesn t win the 0% service charge, I want to do?

A:If that happens, please send mail, we will view and modify your new commodity service charge.

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