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Tao bao 11.11,we open the service fee discount

Taobao shopping spree, we open a discount.please customers ready to order in advance, to avoid miss the discount time.Wish all customers shopping pleasure, any question, please contact online customer service or send email to us.

Discount activity:   All new orders (new created and payments) enjoy a 6% service charge, the minimum service fee still 30 cny.

Activity time(china time):  2016/11/01 - 2016/11/17 (China time 2016/11/18 0:00 we will close this activity)

Who take part:  Pruany website registered customers

limit:   Each order 200 maximum allowable item

Activity rules:  Customers during the activity, create and pay for the new order, the order will get a discount.


Q:I have an old order, if I were in order to pay the new goods, whether I can participate in the activity?

A:I m sorry, this activity is only for new orders, the old order not make it.You can create a new order 

and add products and payment.

Q:I know pruany service charge when customers create packages.I participated in the activities, but activities to be over, I not create a parcel, whether my order still enjoy discount?

A:Yes, your order enjoy the discount.Activities from start to finish, payment of new orders all have in discount,whenever you create a package.

Q:Why I create order, but found no service fee discount?

A:We will only be charged when you create a parcel service charge.When you create a package, you can clearly see the orders for the service fee is the discount.Payment time, each will automatically record, in the us within the stipulated time, all payment of new order is order discount.At the same time, we will ask technical personnel in order to join a striking red English words, said order discount.

2016/10/14 21:28:50
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