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International freight

The convenience of clients inquires transportation cost and calculation of international service charge, estimated total price.

Weight: Kg

Matters needing attention:

1.About time: When the parcel out of Chinese,start the clock;Typically,transmission time of packages,consistent with the China post description;However,in the season (holidays),because Chinese postal work is verybusy,the parcel will receive delay,please wait patiently.
2.About query: When Pruany sends package,Tracking number will need time to enter the network 2-3 days;Because,the package leave Pruany, need to go through China postal distribution and security, as well as China customs inspection.
3.About speed: Chinese post will give priority to send EMS,then AIR & International Small package,and finally SAL. SAL may delay sending, because SAL is so cheap.
4.About insurance: When you pay the freight insurance,If parcel exceeding the prescribed time, still has not arrived, Pruany can apply for the post compensation.

About the package size,the EMS & DHL issued new regulations:
From now on,if the package the length,width and height of any length of more than 60 CM.
Volume weight calculation formula:long * high * wide / 6000

Volume weight calculation formula:long * high * wide / 5000

Package need to calculate the volume weight,volume weight and parcel weight,two weight,according to the weight of the high freight charges.
According to the regulation,will according to the weight of the high freight charges
We will be compressed package as far as possible,avoid your package over provisions and increase the cost.
When you package more than size,we will inform you.

Order total turnover:64284
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