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Shoppping guidelines

Thank you for your support to pruany, when you are shopping, Please read carefully pruany shopping constraint

1.We just agent shopping company, help customers to buy product and send.but we are not responsible for any your national customs problems (such as tariffs, detained parcel, parcel return, etc.). Before you shopping, please examine your national customs, to avoid any trouble.

2.We do not recommend customers to buy of electronic product,imitation product, precious metal product, fragile product.if you do not listen to what we say, any problem, we are not responsible for.

Electronic product: we not check whether the work of some products, such as circuit board, motor.some product we can not check function as the seller described, for example phone signal strength in Europe, the computer CPU parameter, etc

Imitation product: if you use paypal pay any Imitation products. we not allow clients to buy! in taobao has a lot of Imitation products, many products are not the official production and manufacturing. When you are shopping, we have an automatic testing system, refused any customers buying these imitation. To mimic detained by the customs package, parcel to return to China,cause legal disputes, etc., We are not responsible for anything,should be borne by the customer!In this case, if you still need to buy imitation, please use the western union or moneygram to pay your order.

Precious metals product:because we do not have professional equipment, we can not check whether the product is real, the purity is qualified.for example the seller described, the product is gold, 99k.We not check whether it is right.

Fragile product:This product is fragile, it is easy to damage in international transport process.Although we use a good protective packaging, but we still can not ensure their integrity.such as lamp, vase, etc.

3.We banned the customers purchase the to liquid, large batteries, knives, guns, chemicals and flammable products.

4. Before shopping, please read carefully our website (help, shopping process, transportation cost calculation, the FAQ), avoid customer understanding mistakes, produce dispute.

5.In the order process. 

If the product has to buy, because your problem, you need to cancel the product, you have to pay the domestic shipping costs twice (the seller sends the product freight, we return the product to seller freight).

If the product has arrived, because your problem, you need to cancel or change the product, you must ask your employees, whether can cancel (there are some sellers do not support a refund products, products unless there is a problem).Also, if you can cancel or change, you need to pay twice the domestic transportation cost.

If the product has buy or has arrived, because your problem,you cancel toorder.Your must pay order service fee (our staff hard work).And you must ask whether employees product can be cancelled, if can cancel, you need to pay twice shipping cost.If some products can not cancel, we not refund amount of this product.

6.If you use excel orders, please do not change the order, this will cause the order confusion, produce a lot of trouble.When there is a problem of your product, you need to answer.You only need to send mail specification product, and answer the questions, do not need in order to modify.

7.About the shipping address, please confirm your address is correct(Avoid because the address problem, parcel to return to China).if you use paypal payment, we will according to the address of your paypal payment information to send the goods.Website and excel address just for reference, if they are different, and we will ask you to stop sending.If you use other payment, we will send the goods according to your order address information, if there is no address, we will ask you and stop sending.

8.When we send the parcel, you can pass your order to check the parcel tracking number.Usually the parcel takes 1-3 days to be able to login website, please be patient.Because we are not the post office, time is for reference only.We not guarantee the tracking number can query at this time.If more than time still not query, please contact our customer service staff.

9.In the order process, any question, please contact our customer service personnel, or send your problem to our email:,our staff will reply you within 24 hours.If you use paypal payment, please do not open the dispute, otherwise we will lose faith in you,refused to you use paypal again.

Shopping constraint has legal benefits, please read it carefully.

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