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PART-1-Help at "Search"

<1>Search bar(搜索): input keywords and search the goods you need
<2>Tmall(天猫): All day cat goods support "no reason to return seven days", but the freight need to pay back and forth.Any quality problems can be unconditional return or change.
<3>Poly cost-effective(聚划算): Group purchase of goods, is there a discount on the price.
<4>Supermarket(超市): Commodity combination of sales, is there a discount on the price.

<1>All the baby(所有宝贝): After the home page keyword search, can choose different search classification.All the baby: contains Tmall, ordinary sellers, second-hand all contain the keywords of goods.
<2>Tmall(天猫): Separate search contain the keywords of Tmall goods.
<3>Second-hand(二手): Other buyers of second-hand goods used or idle goods. Buy this kind of goods please note, the goods may be defective, damaged or does not match the size etc.. However, according to the provisions Taobao, second-hand goods don t protected, that is to say, the second-hand goods can not refund or change.

<4>Price range(价格范围): Input price range, you can search within this range of goods, save search time.

PART-2-Help at "Identifying"

<1> Authentic guaranteed(正品保证): Seller promises,The 100% is selling genuine goods.

<2>7 days no reason to return(7天无理由退货): Seller promises,In the receipt of goods, 7 days no reason to return.
More than 7 days, Taobao denied protection.
<3> If you need to return or change, After receiving the goods within 5 days,messages in the order. the staff needs
1-2 days to negotiate with the seller returned items.More than 5 days can not returned goods.
<4> There is no "no reason to return 7 days" logo merchandise, consultation with the seller, the seller to refund or change according to the requirements of.
The time of receipt of goods is more long, The possibility of a refund less.More than 7 days, the seller must not agree to refund and change.
<5> Customized products need to make time for the delivery time according to the request of the seller.
Customized products, can not refund or change.
Customized goods size complete production according to the requirements of customers!
So, Please tell the staff correct measurement data.
Custom goods, because size does not match, can not refund.

PART-3-Help at "Customized products"
<1> Staff with sellers confirm the delivery time and size,("Custom goods can t refund or change");
<2> Modify the price and pay the difference or buy;
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