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PART-1-Shopping process summarized
1. Download "offline order" 2. Fill in the order content (Scope of green) 3. Staff to modify the price and total price
     4. Confirm order and pay 5. To buy or feedback problem 6. Modification or wait for goods to arrive
     7. Goods arrived, check and input number 8. roblem goods, cancel or change 9. Goods all arrived, check and report weight
     10.Package has been sent. Receive the parcel -- ORDER END

PART-2-Shopping process details
1. Download "offline order":

In the center of the user, click on the "offline order".
Enter into the "offline order", click on the icon and download the order form.

2. Fill in the order content (Scope of green):

Required field 1: Please fill in the customer information.In order to facilitate the staff contact you, please be sure to fill out. Shipping address must be the same with Paypal shipping address, otherwise it will delay your delivery time!
About time: Staff will record the customer order "to pay time", "all goods arrival time", "delivery time".

3. Staff to modify the price and total price:

Required field 2: Please fill in the "commodity connection", "quantity", "goods note (color, size, style, etc.)". Customers fill out the more detailed, the staff of the less problem, save the time of order.
About Price: Customers fill out all of the "customer information" and "product information", after send the email to "", the staff check the price and calculate the total price,and send E-mail.

As picture: About the "goods details", the customer fill out the more detailed, the better, can also send pictures. Price:Pruany order form has the function of automatic calculation!
Price: Pruany order form has the function of automatic calculation!
So,Please do not revise the order, it will cause the price of the order.

4. Confirm order and pay:

"Offline order" there are 5 kinds of payment. The order form with automatic calculation function, when you pay, the staff will record your payment.

The specific payment details, please refer to the "order excel".

5. To buy or feedback problem:

6. Modification or wait for goods to arrive:

The customer reply after, staff will according to the reply content to purchase goods, and amend the reply content into the note of goods.

The entire line dark grey on behalf of the goods has been canceled.Cancelled goods prices, Cancel the commodity price refund to the order balance, can pay other fees.

7. Goods arrived, check and input number:

Blue on behalf of the "goods have arrived".The staff check the goods,and Input commodity code only.

8. Problem goods, cancel or change:

Problems of commodity:After the goods arrived, the staff check the problem,Goods may be color error, style error, the size error, quantity error, etc., Or stain Or damage. The staff leave a message to the customer, is decided by the customer to product processing problem!

The solution: cancel, change(need 3-10 days), accept; Caused by sellers mistake to cancel or change, the seller shall bear the freight.


If the goods are correct, the customers cancel or change. The customer must bear the return freight.

( Commodity total price = commodity prices + domestic freight )

Explain:Cancel = Commodity total price - Domestic freight - Return freight = Refund Amount
Such as:Cancel = 112CNY - 12CNY - 12CNY = 88CNY
Cancel the need to charge 2 times the domestic freight!

Explain:Change = Commodity total price + Return freight + Change freight = Refund Amount
Such as:Change = 112CNY + 12CNY + 12CNY = 136CNY
Change the need to charge 3 times the domestic freight!

9. Goods all arrived, check and report weight:

When all the goods arrived, the staff will input the weight.
Each order can send multiple packages.
Each order is independent and packages can only appear in an order of goods, can t send together with other orders.

You pay each a sum of money, will be recorded in the order.If you use Paypal payment, the extra money will be refund to your Paypal account.
Before payment, please check your Paypal shipping address is the same as the order address, if there s a difference, your package will be delayed.

10.Package has been sent:

About time: When the parcel out of Chinese,start the clock;Typically,transmission time of packages,consistent with the China post description;However,in the season (holidays),because Chinese postal work is verybusy,the parcel will receive delay,please wait patiently.
2.About query: When Pruany sends package,Tracking number will need time to enter the network 2-3 days;Because,the package leave Pruany, need to go through China postal distribution and security, as well as China customs inspection.
3.About speed: Chinese post will give priority to send EMS, then AIR & International Small package, and finally SAL. SAL may delay sending, because SAL is so cheap.
4.About insurance: When you pay the freight insurance,If parcel exceeding the prescribed time, still has not arrived, Pruany can apply for the post compensation.

Order total turnover:64284
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