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Below are the frequently asked questions collected by us for your convenience to get fast solutions to the problems you may encounter.

Q: How to use online order?
A: Please refer to the tutorial :

Q: Do you support excel order mode?
A: can,but offline order (excel) cant obtain online points.and we think that he exists is inefficient.If you need to excel,you can login account download it, or ask online customer service personnel.When you finish fill in excel, you can send mail to:

Q: After I pay project price, when will Pruany receive all goods?
A: it usually takes 4 to 6 days,if you make a fast response to the questions raised by our staff members. However, we are not sellers and we cant calculate the exact arrival time.

Q: Can Pruany provide total cost budget?
A: Sorry, we cannot estimate he.when the product to arrive, we can compute the weight, then get international transportation cost.Im sorry, we cant provide any weight estimate price, this is irresponsible.about international transportation cost, you can query:

Q: After I pay the international transport fee, when will Pruany send the parcel?
A: Usually we do that the next day (exclusive of national holidays and weekends as the postal office is closed in those days )

Q: How can I know the international transport cost?
A: You can check this website: or the official websites of China Post, EMS and other organizations.

Q: When will I receive my parcel if it has been dispatched?
A: We have filled in the official estimated transportation days corresponding to the mode of shipping you chose on the website.

Q: Why the parcel in excess of the prescribed time, still have not arrived in my country?
A: For example EMS, EMS provisions when the parcel left China, take 5-14 days to reach the destination country.Usually package will arrive within this time.But because this is international transportation, some irresistible factors (such as customs raids, national major ceremony, festival, plane crash, etc.) may result in the parcel delay.If in excess of the prescribed time, the parcel still not arrived, please contact our customer service staff.

Q: Why does my tracking number fail to be displayed online?
A: A parcel will be sent to China Post for inspection after it is dispatched. This process may take 1-3 day (In the holiday may need more time). China Post will scan the parcel to see if there is any contraband goods (controlled knives,prohibited liquids, inflammables and explosives, etc.). Afterwards, it will be sent to other cities for getting customs documents before it can be queried. Because we are not the post office, time is for reference only.We not guarantee the tracking number can query at this time.If more than time still not query, please contact our customer service staff.

Q: If I need to change or cancel the product.What should I do?
A: In the need to change or cancel product, leave a message to employees.instructions you need to change or cancel.
1. If you need to return the product to the seller, the time can t more than 7 days, because taobao has a regulation, more than 7 days, the seller may refuse to our refund.
2. Not all of the products can be returned to the seller.For example, the seller did not participate in the taobao 7 days refund, custom products, booking products, printing number, etc.These products cannot be returned to the seller.When you purchase, please note!
3.If the employee not buy the product, change and cancellation is free of charge.
4.If employees has to buy the product, but the product did not arrive warehouse, change and cancellation need to pay one domestic transportation costs.
5.If the product arrived in our warehouse,change the products need to pay twice the domestic transportation cost.cancel the products need to pay the service fee.No matter how,the products once they have arrived at our warehouse, our staff will check carefully whether the product right or take photographs,employees havebeen used for time and labor.
6.If the seller sends products problems, change or cancel is free.

Q: Why is the money I paid via Paypal refunded?
A: 1. Please in paypal Settings or fill your shopping address, we will be based on it to send the is very important,otherwise we will send a refund,for a refund from the any questions, we are not responsible for.(If you not understand what is paypal shopping address, and how to add address, please you can ask paypal customer service personnel,or ask we online customer service personnel)
2. Please pay attention to your two pay (commodity prices and transportation cost), their shipping address must be the same, or we will send the wrong pay for a refund
3. When you pay, please send the mail to inform us ,and tell us your paypal electronic mailbox, avoid we missing and delayed orders
4. We receive only dollars, and any other currency, will send a refund

Q: Why are there spot goods in taobao,but staff told me that goods out of stock?
A: Its fairly common that many stores on not accurately reflect their inventories. After our staff workers make the purchase, the sellers not know for sure if they have any inventory before checking their storehouses(some sellers may take 1 to 3 days to know the result).

Q: Why is a product I like out of stock in the stores of many sellers at the same time?
A: This product possibly comes from the same factory or area although it is on sale in many different sellers stores. Our experience tells us that if a product is out of stock, there is no exception with all sellers. So we suggest that you switch to other colors or styles as soon as possible if that happens in order to avoid wasting your time.

Q: After I filled the project link in the online order, Why system cant read correctly taobao lower the price?
A: The reason is that the system has encountered some technical issue, we are sorry for that and weve been trying to fix this problem. Now we provide the following solutions:
1. you may contact our customer service, asking for their help to change the price.
2. you may pay the price first and leave a message to our workers stating the price is wrong. Theyll correct the price when they purchase the product.The overpaid amount will be recorded on your order, which can be used to purchase other products or pay international transport fee.

Q: Whether to film the product pictures?
A: Yes,we can provide photos.

Q: Why do I order balance being a refund?
A: Appear this kind of circumstance, shows you the order has been completed (all products have been waiting for the sending or has been sent).When you complete the order, we will refund pay more for money (the order balance).

Q: I order number"Dxxxxxxx"his order balance, can use in the order number"Dzzzzzzz"?
A: Sorry friend, in our system, each order is independent.The balance of each order is independent, separate address. Different orders cannot be mixed in a package sent.Similarly balance cannot be mixed use.when the order finished, we will refund order balance.

Q: What is pruany shopping process?
A: Pruany order is divided into two.one_offline order(excel),two_online order(web).
offline order(excel) shopping process:
1.customer send order
2.staff send price mail
3.customer pay item price and service charge
4.staff buy,through the email communication problems
5.item all arrived, staff send mail transportation cost and order price difference
6.customer pay ,we send package

online order(web) shopping process:
1.customers to fill out the order(prices problem, please contact customer service personnel) item price
3.staff buy item,through the website feedback problems
4.item arrived, the customer pay the service fee and create package,and wait for weight
5.staff report weight, the customers for the payment of the international transportation cost
6.we send the package,if the order is a balance of existence, well send a refund

Q: what is my package name and value declared?
A: Usually, we package name is: GIFT,and we will fill in a low value declared,this may help you to reduce customs taxes.If you have special request, tell me online customer service personnel, they will fill out these according to your request.

Q: For paypal pay, Pruany whether amount limitation?
A: Yes! have amount limitation.the order amount may not be higher than 500 USD.If you order amount more than 500 USD, I only support west and moneygram payment. sorry to trouble you.When you need to use western union or moneygram payment, please contact online customer service personnel, they will tell you how to pay.

Q: For bad customer(con artists) Pruany how to treat.
A: Pruany hope and customers to establish good and authentic trade relationship.we hate con artists! so this bad clients to do the following punishment:
1.We will record bad customer ID, email, paypal account, IP address, shipping address and other information, and join the blacklist, permanent stop service.
2.We will share blacklist to other companies, they also stop for bad customer service.
3.We will through the law, maintain our interests.

Q: My goods in pruany warehouse can hold how long?
A: We consider the needs of customers, so we can save the customers goods in our warehouse, the longest time is 120 days.If you need the product to store more than 120 days, please contact customer service.Did not say if the goods more than 120 days, we will be destroyed or sold to other customers.Because too many goods. we must reasonable use warehouse.Please customer understanding!

Q: Pruany how to check the product?
A: When we receive the sellers products, we will check the product label size and color.If we believe that the products are different, we will take pictures to ask customer comments (returned to the seller replacement or accepted).But we cant check the quality of products,everyone to judge the quality of product is different.In addition,please customers understand.We are not the seller, not production factory, the product is not our production.We just according to your information, help you shopping the right product and send.

Q: If the address is wrong, what will happen?
A: When you make order, please carefully fill in the address information.If the address error, please contact online customer service personnel as soon as possible or leave a message in order to modify.If the package has been sent,the post office or Courier company may return the parcel to China.The post office package to leave China, and then return to China, they have to charge back the transportation cost.
EMS:not charge return china shipping cost.
China post Air / SAL / International samll parcel: Charge back to China transportation cost.(Transportation cost = cost to return to China)

Q: I received a parcel, but I think the goods color mistakes ,parcel missing products or quality problems.I need to do?
A: 1.If the package there is a problem, do in the parcel receipt within 7 days after the send email to us, let us know what the product problems, provide photos(we will calculate according to the tracking number show the sign for time) If more than 7 days, we are not responsible for any compensation. This is very important, both please note!
2.Please not discard the parcel package and the post office receipt.This is very important!
3.Please put all the products in the package, and calculate the weight and pictures package now.
4.If the product quality problems, please take pictures defect.If the product color or size problems, product as a whole and size label, please.(Please note that in taobao has a lot of very, very cheap products.The normal price of a common down jacket, for example, is about 200 cny. But you buy down jacket is only 50 cny, because the product is very cheap, suggesting that it may not be good quality products, there is a little quality problem is very normal, (for example, a lot of thread ends, small holes, noise, etc.).So we don t suggest customers buy this cheap goods, if buy, please not look forward to the product quality is very good.These small problems, we will not responsible for.)
5.Please login to our website to find after-sale service, choose the product problems, submit an application and your shots.Or send the problem and photos to our email: staff will survey confirms that if there is a problem, we will compensate.
6.Some products belong to the not for compensation,etc: product purity and content, electronic components operation and parameters, etc.because these products need professional testing equipment to test, we can t have all the professional detector.When you buy the product, please read our shopping instructions!

Q: If the parcel arrived in my country, and then return to China (customs problems or address etc.),what should I do?
A: Please contact us, and show the parcel number.we will check the reason why, perhaps because of the customs and address problems.EMS and DHL cant need to pay the return cost. Air,SAL,International Small package need to pay the return cost.Return cost = transportation cost.

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