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Company profile

Pruany is a young company established in October 2010.By December 2011,our company has helped numerous foreign customers purchase Chinese products online.We received more than 5000 orders.Our sincere services and efficient purchase won the support of a lot of customers, that s why we established our company in Beijing.

Our staff members are averagely 25 years old,who value simpleness,sincerity and innovation.Started with a two-person studio,we made to build an elite team after one year of development.Our sincerity and efficiency helped us win the customers worldwide.

Love simpleness as well as innovation.Our staff members come from different fields and companies,who have various insights and creative ideas and have been striving to make everything easier and more convenient.

We initiated the full calculation excel offline order and we believe that it maximizes the functions of excel order. You can clearly query any information.The full price automatic calculation system makes everything easy.You can even calculate your cost in advance by using it. How convenient the excel order is!

We also created a unique online ordering system which has been polished over and over again to look more like offline excel order in order to enable our customers to master it more rapidly. The functions of leaving messages about some product and uploading its pictures enable any changes to be free from any confusion. The new message tip and direct order status check without login contribute to the simpleness and efficiency in your shopping.

We have been making the sincerest effort to satisfy your demands to the most extent, hopefully you can gain the optimal shopping experience.We have been carefully listening to your comments which help us grow.Your satisfaction encourages us best.

In the future, we hope to grow into a more professional and famous large-scale online purchase agency in order to help more people complete their online shopping more efficiently and satisfactorily and also try to be more innovative.

You ll never regret choosing a company like us because we can give you the top shopping experience.

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