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Legal notices

1.Use of website and trademarks
Unless otherwise permitted by relevant laws and regulations or agreed by this company, the information and any components as well as trademarks on this website shall not be reedited, duplicated, copied or used for any commercial purposes not permitted by this company. Should the company confirm that the customer s act violets laws or impairs legitimate benefits of this website or the company, the same will reserve relevant rights, including but not limited to rejection of service provision, deletion of member account and adoption of relevant legal measures.


The links of third parties  websites are provided for your convenience only. This company reserves the right to cancel any links of any third party s websites at any time. All the linked websites, contents on them as well as products and services described or provided on them go beyond the control scope of this company, and therefore, this company shall not be liable for any such websites and any contents, products or services thereon (including third parties  websites further linked). Once you decide to log in or use any linked websites, you should note that you may be restricted by some clauses and terms on the website, and you should take preventive measures by yourself to prevent viruses or other destructive factors when logging in or using the website. Any and all losses arising from your login or use of any linked website shall be borne yourself.
This company does not make any warranty or representation on any linked websites or any contents shown or any products or services provided thereon. This company does not give confirmation, suggestion, approval or instruction to them either. Unless otherwise expressively stipulated or agreed by this company, the same shall not be a party in any agreement concluded by and between you and provider of any linked websites. This company shall not be liable for any damages or losses (direct, indirect, special or incidental damages or losses) caused due to interruption, delay, omission or negligence of contents, products or services provided on any linked websites. No display of any link of any third party s website on this website shall represent that this company or website is correlated with aforementioned third party s website, or that this company has acquired legal authority to use any trademarks, trade names, marks or copyrights shown on or can be linked through the linked website.
The link of this website on any third party s website shall not necessarily represent that this company has certified, authorized or sponsored such third party, or the same is any affiliated company, joint venture, cooperative enterprise or business partner of this company. In most cases, this company does not recognize that the third party has provided link to this website.


3.Privacy Protection
This website will take reasonable security measures to protect personal data provided by users. Without consent of users, it is not permitted to provide any personal data for any irrelevant third party except for any of the following circumstances;

1.Any competent authority requires provision of personal data according to laws and regulations;
2.Users  nonpublic information is disclosed due to their own improper protection of personal data;
3.Data is disclosed, lost, usurped or modified due to network line problem, hacker attack or computer viruses;
4.Rights or properties of users of this website are to be protected;
5.Personal or public security of this website and its users are to be protected in emergency;
6.Other special or emergent conditions.


This company is an online shopping agent, and we would like to purchase products for customers, but we do not give any recommendation, quality warranty, etc. for any products. Now that such websites as Taobao and Paipai are large merchant platforms and there is a broad range of commodities with different qualities, the customers shall understand such important issues as product quality prior to purchase (if not, they shall ask staffs; otherwise, the customers shall be deemed to have been clear about these issues). This company shall not be liable for any and all custom or legal issues arising from goods, which shall be addressed by customers themselves.
It is prohibited to purchase any contraband goods (e.g.restrained knives,restrained liquid,flammable and explosive articles). Please read instructions of customs contrabands for more information. Any problems in connection with aforesaid issues shall be addressed by the customers themselves.

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