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    ylle021 ordered 1 new products
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    One-stop network shopping experience!
    Provide PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, VISA, and other international Alipay payment, let your payment easy, fast, safe.
    Fast, safe international transportation mode of EMS, we only charge 55%EMS cost, reduce customer shopping cost!
    In order to avoid damage to product transportation process, each product, we elaborate packaging, product safety to your home.
    Ultra low service costs,
    in our service fee is only 8%!
    Do you support excel order mode?
    can,but offline order (excel) can't obtain online points.and we think that he exists is inefficient.If you need to excel, you can login account download it, or ask online customer service personnel.When you finish fill in excel, you can send mail to:
    After I pay project price, when will Pruany receive all goods?
    it usually takes 3 to 6 days if you make a fast response to the questions raised by our staff members. However,we are not sellers and we can't calculate the exact arrival time for problem goods as we have to wait for your modification.
    After I pay the international transport fee, when will Pruany send the parcel?
    Usually we'll do that the next day (exclusive of national holidays and weekends as the postal office is closed in those days)
    Why are there spot goods in taobao,but staff told me that goods out of stock?
    It's fairly common that many stores on don't accurately reflect their inventories. After our staff workers make the purchase, the sellers don't know for sure if they have any inventory before checking their storehouses (some sellesmay take 1 to 3 days to know the result).
    Whether to film the product pictures?
    Yes,we can provide photos.
    My order number"Dxxxxxxx"his order balance, can use in the order number"Dzzzzzzz"?
    I'm sorry to friend in our system, each order is independent.Each order has its own order balance, they can not mixed use.when the order finished, we will refund pay more for money.
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